Application Verification, Inc.

Application Verification, Inc. specializes in employment screening solutions.  Application Verification has an industry-focus within the Non-Profit business sector to provide solutions and technology to assist in compliance managment.  We offer the following services and solutions:
1.  Medical Screening (Physical and TB)

* Appointment Set-Up, Coordination and Compliance Assistance

* Recertification Management

2. Substance Abuse Screening

* Pre-Employment

* Random Screening

* Post-Accident

3.  Professional Verification Services

* Employment Verifications

* Education Verifications

* Personal Verifications

4. Exclusion Screening – Monthly / On-Going Monitoring Solutions

* Comprehensive and Affordable Solutions

5.  Compliance Tracking Technology – Pro-Verify Solution

* Medical Screening Compliance

* Clearance Compliance

* Training Compliance


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