ODPANN 21-057 – Individual Support Planning for Residential Services Review of Staffing Ratio Guidance and Upcoming Training

The purpose of this communication is to achieve the following:

  • Sustain the expectation that AEs, SCOs and providers of waiver residential services use the guidance provided in ODP Announcement 19-091 and the Annotated Individual Support Plan (ISP), dated 7/3/19, to document the staffing support that is needed and will be provided to replace residential habilitation service staffing ratios.
  • Announce that additional training will be provided in the future to: 
  • Standardize how risk factors and identified health and safety needs should be addressed using person-centered thinking skills,
  • Clarify documentation of supports and services in the ISP, and 
  • Ensure there is a description of strategies (ex. technology, environmental, and staff supports) to mitigate risk(s) during specific activities and situations.

Thank you.

ODPANN 21-057

Reference to ODP Announcement 10-091

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