ODPANN 22-036: Announcing an Online Tool for Reporting Residential Vacancies (UPDATED)


UPDATED 06/28/22

ODP announces a new optional online tool for reporting and tracking residential vacancies. 

Reporting a Residential Vacancy: 

  • Before submitting a Residential Vacancy Survey, providers are encouraged to notify their local AE of the vacancy. The AE may have an individual referral that would meet the characteristics of the vacancy. 
  • To start the referral process, a provider can submit the vacancy notification to ODP by accessing the Residential Vacancy Survey
  • Submission of the form should be completed within three (3) business day of the creation of the vacancy. 
  • The Residential Vacancy Survey is designed to allow providers to enter up to 10 vacancies in succession. This eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the general information for the provider such as the Master Provider Index (MPI) number and contact information. 
  • All providers are encouraged to complete the vacancy notification through the Residential Vacancy Survey link. A provider may experience delays in filling vacancies or completing changes to the APC when the Residential Vacancy Survey is not utilized. 
  • In preparation of completing the survey in the most efficient manner, providers should have available the following information:
    • Provider name/MPI/SLC
    • Full address of vacancy including zip code
    • County where the vacancy is located
    • Provider contact information for referrals (name/email/phone)
    • Date of vacancy
    • Describe in detail the specific characteristics of the home including he physical characteristics, existing supports, and desired characteristics of ideal housemate.

Once the vacancy is filled, the Provider will access the Residential Vacancy Survey in order to remove the vacancy from the statewide report. The Provider should enter the effective date for when the vacancy was no longer available. 

This streamlined reporting process will allow ODP to organize the residential vacancy listing statewide and create a functional vacancy report that is updated monthly. ODP distributes this report monthly through the AE and SCO listservs so referrals can be made on a timely basis. In addition, the report will be posted on myodp.org.

For any additional information, please see ODPANN 22-036 (UPDATED 06/28/22)

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