ODPANN 22-048 – Incident Management Family Guide

 In an effort to ensure individuals are equipped with the tools necessary to report and be afforded protections from abuse, neglect and exploitation, both Chapter 6100 and the Incident Management Bulletin 00-21-02 require that Providers of Home and Community-Based services ensure that individuals, families and persons designated by the individual are offered education and information about incident management policies and procedures that is presented in a format that meets their communication needs. Additionally, once an incident occurs, Providers must ensure that Individuals, and persons designated by individuals, are notified within 24 hours of discovery of an incident relating to the individual. The Provider shall also educate staff persons, others and the individual based on the circumstances of the incident. The Provider must also ensure that the incident report, or a summary of the incident, the findings and the actions taken, redacted to exclude information about another individual and the reporter, unless the reporter is the individual who receives the report, shall be available to the individual, and persons designated by the individual, upon request.

As previously noted in ODP Announcement 21-071 published on 10/13/2021, the Incident Management Family Guide, When Something Bad Happens to Someone I Care About or Support, was introduced with the announcement of Incident Management (IM) Bulletin training that were made available via MyODP. The Incident Management Family Guide was developed by and for families to provide information about incident management processes and to address some of the common questions and concerns they may have when they witness or are informed of something bad happening to their loved one. 

The Family Guide is one of two helpful guides that was introduced by the Responding to Incidents course. The Family Guide can be used to begin a conversation that acknowledges and responds to many of the family’s concerns. It can also be used to guide important discussions related to potential individual risks and agency policies and procedures related to incident management. 

For more information, see the announcement and Family Guide below:

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