Quality Assessment and Improvement (QA&I) Interim Year 2 Review Process Training

This training session will provide an overview of the Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) QA&I Interim Year 2 Review Process for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 – 2022. ODP encourages all Administrative Entities, Supports Coordination Organizations and Provider QA&I leads to join the session. For more information on the ODP QA&I Interim Year 2 Review Process, see ODP Announcement 21-052. Also, please read the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Program’s Quality Assessment and Improvement FY 21-22 Interim Year 2 Review Process document distributed to all stakeholders on July 7, 2021 prior to participating in the training. There is a link to the process document available here.  

 In addition, you may register for one training session at the following links: 

REGISTER for July 19 Session 

REGISTER for July 20 Session 

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