Shared Staffing Opportunities

Program closures coupled with staffing shortages resulting from COVID-19 create opportunities for shared staffing arrangements. What resources and support can TPA provide to better facilitate staffing solutions among its members?

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  1. We are looking for information on how members managed shared staffing arrangements and what could be done to expedite this practice throughout the pandemic.

    1. Dear Patrick,
      Partners for Quality, Citizen Care and Milestone Centers are happy to work with any providers or staff who are having any type of fiscal or work instability. We would be happy to share employment with other providers. One of our goals has continued to be ensuring that in this very unstable environment all staff who want to work have a job. We are open to creativity, sharing benefits and anything else to ensure staff have employment. Anyone can reach out to me via email at [email protected].
      Thanks Patrick! Be safe!
      Maggie Rothenberger- CEO Partners for Quality

      1. Thanks for your comment Maggie. Would it help if we could develop a message board to match needs with availability in real time? Some have suggested that a model agreement for providers sharing staff might help. Any thoughts are welcome.

  2. It is my understanding the shared staffing bulletin covers qualification status for employees to work at multiple facilities and only 1 provider qualifies them. If this is the case, it covers Clearances, physicals, and mandated trainings, am I correct? I am also assuming this will also work the same for Licensing. Does the new provider continue to use the letter from shared provider as proof or would they need to give the employee a start date and begin to acquire need documentation(physical every 2 years, annual trainings, etc?

    1. Yes, according to the current Appendix K guidance I believe all of that is correct. I am not certain about the anniversary date question; maybe someone else can weigh in. Although ODP intended for the relief described above to simplify redeployment it doesn’t appear to be happening that frequently. Looking to learn from anyone who has implemented smoothly or experienced problems to see what tools we could put in place to better connect members who need staff with those who have suspended services. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Arc Human Services would be glad to participate with any providers looking for shared services opportunities. Earlier this year, we partnered with another provider to bring on employees that were temporarily displaced due to workforce closure. We directly hired the employees in temporary positions and expedited their hire process by accepting their current valid training, physical and clearances. We issued a new hire date with our company and noted the anniversary date with their current provider in their profile. We did not anticipate recertification of backgrounds or physicals due to the nature of their employment. For a permanent shared position, would it be reasonable for the initial employer to continue to ensure compliance, and the participating providers share the cost? Could the employees continued eligibility to receive shared hours with another facility be dependent on their compliance? We have successfully used this strategy with internal employees that work under different program regulations. I look forward to further conversation on how we can work together to provide continued employment to direct support professionals. I can be reached at [email protected] or 724-395-7205.
    Thank you Patrick!
    Denise- Director of HR, Arc Human Services

  4. Increased community spread and testing requirements are having a further impact on staffing shortages. Are there more opportunities for shared staffing?

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