Staff Policies We Are Adopting During the Pandemic

How is COVID-19 affecting your employment policies? Policies affecting DSPs following a positive test by anyone in the workplace are evolving differently across organizations. Please provide your input so we can work toward improved guidance and best practices for all providers.

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  1. There is more direction and clearer guidance for individuals served who test positive for COVID-19, but less clarity on how agencies will manage scheduling and other issues to best protect everyone involved. Any questions or information shared will help us advocate for needed guidance and/or develop a common plan.

    1. Had the above discussion with Kristin Ahrens. Providers are implementing various changes to reduce person-to-person contact and the spread of COVID-19 These include conversion to longer shifts, block shifts, live-in models, and having individuals stay with family. Premium pay programs are also being used to incentivize staff and compensate for the added risks and demands. Being prepared for all scenarios is impossible, but we can mitigate risks. What is your plan when staff test positive?

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