TPA Legislative Forum Follow-up

The 2020 Legislative Appreciation and ID Awareness Forum was hosted by TPA on May 1. Eleven of our state Senators and Representatives joined our discussion from across the state. We need to continue our efforts to increase funding due to the extraordinary risks and costs associated with COVID-19. DSPs are more invaluable than every before as they manage through the current crisis.

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  1. We received direct follow-up from Rep. Dan Miller and Rep. Eric Nelson seeking to support the priorities we reviewed at the Legislative Forum. Rep. Nelson indicated his intent to send a letter to Governor Wolf, while Rep. Miller discussed the need for funding and a market index with other colleagues on our behalf. We will be following-up with our other guests to urge their support.

  2. Rep. Miller has also followed-up on our proposed market index bill, recommending that we include use of the CPI-U index exclusively rather than assembling a commission. He has also discussed the proposed bill with some colleagues serving on the PA House Human Services Committee.

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