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Please post any areas of need and remember to include your preferred method of contact if you would like to discuss privately.

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  1. Staffing needs that are specific to a location or certain hours/days of the week could be posted here.

    1. We are hearing reports of providers who are connecting to redeploy staff. For residential providers in a similar situation, consider reaching out to members providing CPS as their lead service.

  2. Lifesteps is having a really difficult time getting PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). There are still some things available online but most things like masks are not available anywhere.

    We are trying to work with local county health departments to get on the emergency medical lists.


    1. Some providers are using makeshift remedies or making their own devices from standard designs or templates. Overall this remains a problem everywhere.

    2. We have posted the PEMA Coordinators by County to this site under COVID-19 Alerts on the homepage. Providers can make PPE requests to counties; only counties can make these requests to PEMA. Are you having any success or receiving any more specific instructions from the local county health departments?

  3. Hello All,
    Partners For Quality provides ID/A supports in Allegheny County, through Citizen Care and Milestone Centers. We are looking to pair with organizations who had to close their day programs and furlough their DSP staff. We are prepared to offer them employment with minimal training until such time as their other jobs become available again. We are offering enhanced hourly rates and bonus’s. Please contact me via email if you have questions or would like to chat. Thanks everyone! Maggie Rothenberger- CEO Partners For Quality- [email protected]

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