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051917 TPA Documentation & Compliance Presentation

Sample Service Note

Sample Documentation Integrity Policy

ODP Claims Documentation DRAFT Bulletin

ODP Claims Documentation DRAFT Bulletin_Technical Guidelines

TPA 2017 03 31 Area Map Methodology All Rights Reserved

ODPANN 032-17 ODP Rate Information Methodology and Assumptions for Consolidated and Person Family Directed Support Waivers

ODPANN 031-17 Resource Account Emails Posted on MyODP

ODPANN 026-17 Provider Crosswalk Tool for Community Participation Supports Available for ISP FY 17-18 Renewals

ODPANN 019-17 Update Claim and Service Documentation Requirements for Providers of Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Services and TSM Webinar

ODPAnn016-17_PreliminaryGuidance for 17-18 FYRenewals

Notice – Transfer of Licensing Functions to ODP – 3.21.17

February 2017 ODP News

ODPANN 014-17 Public Comment Opportunity – Appendices I and J of the Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Renewals Effective July 1, 2017

DHS Licensing Update Feb 2017

ODPANN 003-17New Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Renwal Information Available Q&A Document and Webinar PowerPoint Transcript and Recording

ODPANN 001-17 Go-Live of SIS Online

ODPANN 095-16 Public Comment Opportunity – Appendices A-H of the Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Renewals Effective July 1, 2017 (1)

00-16-06 Attachment 1 – ISP Manual

Overview of Proposed PFD and Cons Waiver Changes Oct 2016

Temple University Training Nov 2016 HCBS Settings Rule

FINAL Regional Presentation Announcement

080-16 Stakeholder Engagement Process and Communication Regarding the Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Renewals (1)

080-14 Ann ProvPayment Startup

077-16 Now Available Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Provider Monitoring Tools

064-16 ODP Year 9 Cost Report Training Slide Deck for Waiver Residential Service Provider Staff

055-16 Provider Payment for Start-Up per Chapter 51 and Family Living Initiative

ODPANN 042-16 FY 16-17 Consolidated and PFDS Waivers Proposed Department Established Fees for Waiver Eligible Services, Residential Ineligible Services and TSM

Vacancy Factor FY 15-16 and FY 16-17 (031-16 Revised)

Vacancy Factor FY 15-16 and FY 16-17 (031-16)

CoP announcement 2016


033-16 ODP Teleconferences on Waiver Amendments Effective June 30 2016

00-16-01 Bulletin SM for Individuals with an ID

PA Lifesharing Coalition Oct 19 20 2015

070-15 Ann ODP Year 8 Cost Report Training Registration for Waiver Residential Service Provider Staff

PROVIDER ALLIANCE powerpoint presentation 8.28.15

Processes to Support the Settlement Agreement QA_final_v2032715 (1)

052-15 Info Packet Rate Retention Factor Process Resulting From Provider Settlement Agreement

039-15 Now Available Fourth Waiver Amendments Submitted to CMS for ODP Consolidated and PersonFamily Directed Support Waivers Effective July 1, 2015

032-15 Ann Additional Professional Development Course for AEs, Providers, SCs and SCOs (1)

031-15 Info Packet REISSUE Amendments to 55 PA Code 6000 ODP Statement of Policy Subchapter Q as a result of Adult Protective Services (2)

HCBS Transition Plan Stakeholder Fact Sheet April 2015

022-15 Announcement Availability of the Webinar Transcript for the Proposed Consolidated and PFDS Waiver Amendments Effective 7-1-15-Final 3-19-15 (3)

008-15 Ann PA Department Of Human Services Medication Administration Program New Toll-free Suppport Line Phone Number Effective 1-14-15 final (1)

010-15 Info Memo Requesting Enhanced Communication Residential Habilitation Rates for Harry M Class Members final (1)

Ann # 094-14 Vacancy Factor Exception training

092-14 Announcement ODP HCSIS Services and Supports Directory Reminder (4)

090-14 Announcement Supplemental Security Income Increase for Calendar Year 2015 Final 11 25 14 (3)

086-14 InfoPckt Benj Web n Trans

083-14 Announcement OutcomeConcerns

082-14 Announcement Yr7 CR DeadDes RevProc

081-14 Announcement Benjamin Settlement Approved

080-14 Announcement ProvPayment Startup

077-14 InfoPckt Srvc Dlvy Lic ResHab

079-14 Announcement PA DualDiag DSP trg

065-14 Announcement ProvMailbox -1

064-14 Announcement ISP-Monitoring 2014

063-14 Announcement Year 7 Cost Report Materials

TPA Meeting Sept 26 2014

ODP Announcement #059-14 Year 7 Cost Report Trg Date

PA HCBS Transition Plan 081414

ODP Communication #056-14 UpdateProv AE Contact Info4 ProvMonitor

ODP Announcement #055-14 Avail PAPropSta Trans

ODP Informational Memo #041-14_InfoMemo_ProviderRevalidation

ODP Comm Memo 035-14 Info Packet Claim Doc

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