Advocacy Tool Kit


Advocacy Talking Points to Support the Investment in ID/A Services in PA 

The Associations across Pennsylvania have developed a brief talking point document to support and guide your Advocacy efforts. (03/06/24)

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Sample Letter to Send to your PA Legislator 

Ask your PA Legislator to send this sample letter to the Appropriations Chairperson demonstrating their support for Investment in ID/A Services. (03/01/24)

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Governor Shapiro Announces Investment in ID/A Services 

During his budget address to the General Assembly,  Governor Shapiro announced a remarkable investment in ID/A Services. Listen to an excerpt. (02/06/24)

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2024-2025 Executive Summary of the Proposed ID/A Budget 

This is an excerpt from the 2024-2025 Proposed Budget in PA that outlines the investment for the Intellectual Disabilities & Autism Programs. (02/06/24)

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Action Center

Thank Governor Shapiro for his Support of the ID/A Community

Please visit our action center, where you can thank the Governor directly for his proposed investment in ID/A Services as part of his 2024-25 Budget Proposal.

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Urge the PA Legislator to Support Investment in ID/A Services

Please visit our action center, where you can contact your PA Senator & Representative to ask them to support the governor's investment in ID/A services.

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News & Media Center

Adults with intellectual disabilities may wait years for services. Shapiro's budget would help.

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Disability Advocates Meet with PA Senate Majority Leader Sen. Joe Pittman on Pennsylvania State Budget for Disability Services

Sandi Shaffer, mother of Kate, an adult woman with intellectual disabilities and autism, led a group of disability advocates in a Friday, June 7th meeting with Pennsylvania Senate Republican Majority Leader, Senator Joe Pittman, to discuss the upcomi...

Pennsylvania families caring for people with disabilities need legislators to pass Gov. Shapiro’s budget | Opinion

For some, June heralds the joys of summer, a season of warmth, sunshine, and leisurely days. But for families of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities/Autism (ID/A) and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), it’s a month of heightened anxiet...

Advocating For Pennsylvania’s Heroes: Supporting DSPs And Individuals With Disabilities

As an experienced direct support professional (DSP), I’ve dedicated more than 40 years to caring for individuals like Brian, a 53-year-old man with Down syndrome, mental health challenges, and early-onset dementia. My journey began in 1979, ins...

ICYMI: Department of Human Services Secretary Highlights Governor Shapiro’s Historic Budget Investments in Intellectual Disability and Autism Services, Workforce

Department of Human Services (DHS) Secretary Dr. Val Arkoosh recently published two opinion pieces highlighting the historic investments for intellectual disability and autism (ID/A) services and the ID/A workforce in Governor Josh Shapiro’s ...

Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign Fact Sheet (March 2024)

The Pennsylvania Waiting List Campaign’s goal is to end the devastation of Waiting Lists for persons with intellectual disability (ID) and autism who need services through the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs (ODP). HOW MANY PEOPLE...

Editorial: Josh Shapiro promised to end the wait list for disability services. Now, back it up

Across Pennsylvania, thousands of families are waiting in limbo, unsure whether their loved ones with intellectual disabilities and autism (ID/A) will ever get the care they need. This month, Gov. Josh Shapiro made an ambitious promise to help them, ...

Governor Shapiro Visits Allegheny County Non-Profit Serving Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism to Highlight How Proposed Budget Investments Would Expand ID/A Services and Support Direct Support Professionals

Governor Shapiro has been traveling the Commonwealth and meeting with the ID/A community, advocates, and families – from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to the Lehigh Valley – to hear top concerns firsthand and learn how his Administration can...

Shapiro visits Pittsburgh, talks about enhancing resources for people with intellectual disabilities and autism

Workers who provide services to people living with intellectual disabilities and autism said there's a shortage of employees across the country. Gov. Josh Shapiro said his proposed budget will help with that problem.

Those with ID/A deserve quality services

Colleen Tomko and her son, Shaun, of Springfield Township, are advocating for passage of Gov. Shapiro’s budget, which includes an infusion of money for services targeting people in the ID/A communities.