Training Toward Self Reliance, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Training Toward Self Reliance believes people and their family members want to have an “Everyday Life” that is typical of the general population.  They want more in their lives and they have greater expectations of the system that they did ten years ago.  People want to have self-determined lives.  This means with the support of family and friends, they decide: how to live their lives; what supports they need; and how they want to spend the money in their individual budgets.  It also means they are responsible for their decisions and actions.

Executive Director:

Tammy Nelson


2500 Canoe Ripple Road, Sligo, PA 16255





Tammy Nelson


6400 and 3200 Licensing

Counties Served:

Lancaster, Clarion, Armstrong, Clearfield, Crawford, Venanco, Forrest-Warren, Lawrence, and McKean

Types of Service Provided:

24 Hour Supervised Residential Supports/Services; Adult Training Facility (Day Program)

Approximate Number of Individuals Served:


Number of Employees:


Approximate Amount (in millions) of total (MR) contract with ODP:

10.2 million