Lawrence County Association for Retarded Citizens (L.C.A.R.C.)

Mission Statement:

The Corporation is operated to

  1. promote and protect the civil and human rights of people with retardation
  2. advise and assist people with retardation and other developmental disabilities with their service choices
  3. promote inclusion and quality in generic and specialized services for people with retardation
  4. help the general public better understand the contributions that people with retardation make to their families and local communities
  5. work cooperatively with other agencies toward full opportunities for people with retardation
  6. monitor all services to assure that persons with mental retardation and their families have availableto them high quality programs which are appropriate to their needs
  7. aid and encourage the formation of local chapters and groups to work in the field, to advise and aid parents in the solution of their problems, and too coordinate the efforts and activities of these groups
  8. receive and wisely expend funds for the accomplishment of corporate purposes.
Executive Director:

Norman Moses


101 S. Mercer Street, Room 306
New Castle, PA 16101


(724) 658-8515


(724) 658-8566




Brad Chill at (724) 658-8515 or by email at


6400 Regulations, 2380 Regulations, PCH

Counties (AE’s) Served:


Types of Service Provided:

Community Residential, Home Based Waiver, ATF, OBRA, In Home Respite/Out of Home (If Beds Available), Recreation Program, Summer Day Camp, Early Intervention

Approximate Number of Individuals Served:


Number of Employees:


Approximate Amount (in millions) of total (MR) contract with ODP:

$5.4 million