The Purchasing Edge

The Purchasing Edge members include:

ARC Butler
Community Human Services
Easter Seals of Western PA
Diversified Family Services
Kiski Valley Opportunity Unlimited
Life Management Consultants
In Visions Human Services
Southwinds, Inc.
Transitional Services, Inc.

• Incorporated in 2004
• Each Member Organization has a seat on TPE’s Board of Directors
• The annual premium for health insurance for TPE members is approximately $6 million.
• There are approximately 1200 covered lives in TPE
• Each organization is currently rated on their own demographics/utilization data, but the group receives a discount based upon lower brokerage fees, a reduction in administrative fees from the carrier, and limiting plan choice.
• Each organization has the option to choose any one (or more) plans offered by Highmark, UPMC, Aetna and Health Assurance which is based on the needs of the member organizations.

Current Benefits include:

• Reduction of Broker fees, paying brokers on a per member/per group basis.
• Potential to Purchase Health insurance as part of a 1000+ group
• Making Health Insurance decisions with other HR and Financial Professionals in the group  provides support and assistance to each member, while making decisions.
• Superior service from the professionals at TJ&S due to the size and impact of the group.
• Benchmarking information within and outside of TPE
• Discounts on ancillary lines of insurance (dental, vision, workers comp, etc) when purchased as a group

Future Benefits will include:

• Leverage in negotiations with carriers as we move toward purchasing as a group from 1 carrier.
• Taking advantage of opportunities presented by Health Care Reform legislation

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